We offer a range of specialised classes, each taught by friendly fully qualified instructors. Whether you are new to pole or looking to advance your skills, we have something suitable in our timetable.

Please go to our Booking Page for bookings, or you can call us on 07972286510 or email


Beginners Only Pole

Weds 6-7pm / 7.15-8.15pm

Suitable for complete beginners. These classes are exclusive to our Beginners and New Starters. In these sessions, you will learn the basics and foundation of pole dancing. You will learn basic pole spins, combinations, pole sits, climbs and many more.


Spin Pole

Mon 6.15-7.15pm (Course)

Mon 7.30-8.30pm (Weekly)

Love spinning pole or always to try? Monday evenings are all about Spinning Pole! Suitable for new starters. Learn how to do beautiful spins and shapes on the spinning pole & how to put them together to create a pretty, flowy routine. Four week course or weekly class option available.


Aerial Hoop

Coming very soon!

Suitable for all abilities. Our studio features both single point and double pointed hoops. Learn aerial hoop moves and how to transition them together to create short routines and flows.



Sunday 30th May - 2.30-3.30pm

This is a fun, cheeky class where you will learn to bounce, jiggle & isolate your glute muscles! Great way to keep fit while you have fun. Loose shorts or bottoms and kneepads recommended.


Mixed Ability Pole

Tues 7.15-8.15pm / 8.30-9.30pm

Thurs 7.15-8.15pm
Sunday 12-1pm


Suitable for students with previous experience. We cover a variety of pole spins and moves, with easier and harder variations to suit all abilities. *Beginners we recommend coming along to a Beginners Only Class first


Heels Pole

Saturday 11am-12pm

Suitable for new starters or existing pole dancers. Learn how to walk confidently in heels & how to link pole spins and moves together to create short, slinky flows.


Stretch & Flexibility

Sunday 1.15-2.15pm

Suitable for all abilities. Flexibility Flow classes include a sequence of stretches to warm up and release tight muscles, conditioning exercises to strengthen & tone, and a gentle cool down stretch to finish. 


Private Lesson

Available seven days a week. Contact for details

Prefer a 1-1 with your instructor or with friends? Private lessons can be booked just for you, or with up to 6 others and are available in every type of class we have. Get help working towards your pole goals or your instructor will plan your lesson tailored to your experience level.